Familia feliz

Jorge Villafranco:

El tener la posibilidad de estudiar nuevamente no solo será una oportunidad para mí sino
para mi familia y mi comunidad.

Hombre con piercings

Oscar Ramírez:

Cuando estaba en Estados Unidos no pude ingresar a la universidad, con esta oportunidad puedo continuar cumpliendo mis metas.

Hombre feliz

Yovany Díaz:

La educación más que encontrar un buen empleo, te ayuda a sentirte más seguro de tí mismo.


Mauricio arrived in the U.S. when he was 14 years old and eventually started working as a quality control inspector for an industrial pipeline company. He moved from that work and began his own successful construction company. After almost 25 years in the US, Mauricio left behind a wife and two teenage children when he was deported in 2018. Reunited with the family he left years ago in San Miguel, Mauricio´s immediate goal was to secure employment so that his wife and children could join him.


Mauricio applied for the position of maintenance coordinator for an upscale hotel but could not be offered the job because he lacked a high school diploma. However, the hotel was impressed with Mauricio´s knowledge and abilities and he contacted Caminamos Juntos (CJ) for support. CJ was able to pay the cost of Mauricio´s high school program in exchange for an agreement from the hotel to hire Mauricio for the position. Mauricio obtained his diploma and works as maintenance supervisor at the hotel, where he has already received a raise for his good performance.

Real names are not used in these cases for security reasons.

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Caminamos Juntos High School Scholarship

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